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I haven’t been on this forever. xD


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I posted like 10 new posts and its not working Dx

I see it on my site but when I log off… IT’S NOT THERE D:

I need a new computer ^.^

I think the comments are working but I accidently deleted them all xD

I do have a new site for CP Cheats…. But you have to find it 😛

That’s why I left that hits on the right —->

like that so nobody comes on this one. But FFFF you all. No no no JK JK.

P.S.— I guess I should tell you guys something… That hacker Sandlot turned out to be my friend who easily new my password…. WTF. So now I just use him so I don’t have to post. Hehe….

Elite Penguin Force

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*I’m sorrry. But the Comments thing won’t work! Gahhhhhhhhh.*

So the PSA has been closed. 😦

Anyways, the EPF has been opened! Yet, it ain’t so much of a secret now right?


So, I’m trying to get the bug fixed, or it’s just my computer. Well, I’m getting a new one soon so let’s hope I can upload your comments!

I also got a question:

Q: What happened to your 1st site, even though I knew you had 2, you still kept the other one on! You had this since like what, 2008 something for all I know.

A: Well, it was hacked, and I wasn’t able to tell NOBODY that it was me, unless I wanted this hacked, too late for that 😛

So, about the EPF, it’s all about Herbert eh? What happens after we bust his @$$?

~~Penguingrl is So BOREDD

Catalog Cheats

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Pengy Girl here 🙂

I never noticed they made new flag pins! Look my country is there!!!

So here are the cheats in order:

Dee dump dee dump…

Medieval Time Cheats

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Heyyooo! ;D

The pin is located at the Cove

So are ye doing the knights quest?

Shoe is DOWN.

Jellyfish is LEFT

Crab is RIGHT

Fish is UP

Down, left, down, right, right, up is the way ye have to go.


Ye Knights Quest #2 (pictures NOT included)


Throw 3 snowballs at each fire pit and you should get outta there before they throw the torches at you.

As you waddle to the next challenge, you find you need to do this puzzle. As I did it, there was 3 different kinds. If you have a hard time,

Click the button on the right, it’ll let you go right through!

Go through the next path getting the free item, and when you get to the next challenge….

Did you see that big fire breathing dragon? I mean…I beat it, but if I go back, it’s back to life? Did we just beat it, kill it, or does it have other dragons in there!!!!!

Throw snowballs into the barrel and when the button turns green, CLICK IT FAST.

Throw snowballs if you don’t want it to breathe fire all over you and burn your clothes.

The gate should open after about 3 times from filling the barrels and splashing water on the dragon.

Waddle to the next path, and you’ll find another FURNITURE item.

Dragons Gold.

Was he protecting that? I guess so….Sorry dragon.

Since it’s a furniture item, I recommend keep going to the item back and forth to get more of it. Haha!


The Wizard Hat that comes every year is back at the Lighthouse.

It danced when I scrolled over it……Magic.


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im bored

-pengy grl was heeere!

Back :)

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I’ve decided I wanted to come back on! I got my membership back and is going to make a few new videos. So I know I’ve been getting comments of why I’m a bitch XD

So yeah, I’m rebuilding again. And blah. And another blah.

BLAH X INFINITY = Lots of “blahs”


On Thursday I’ll start posting [:

– Penguingrl ♥